Ambit IT LLC

Managed IT Services and IT Support for Austin, TX

We provide data backup, cyber security, cloud computing, device, network, and application support for small to medium size business.

Data Backup

We still manage data archived over fifteen years ago in the event clients need access.

Cyber Security

You and your client's security is of the utmost importance to us.

Systemized Technology

We systemize everything to monitor your technology with efficiency and ease.

Proven Track Record

We have proudly served Austin, TX and the surrounding areas for 15 years.

An Insider Secret

The root cause of the majority of hacks come from inside your company

A majority of attacks come from inside your company or passed on from clients you trust. Email, file sharing, and other means of collaboration from trusted sources create the illusion the data is safe. Many of us envision cyber-attacks as those who infiltrate a defense system (firewall) and then begin their attack.

What many of us don’t realize is that the attacks are, more often than not, made susceptible by someone from inside your company or a trusted business associate/client. Whether it be phishing a weak password or an improperly maintained piece of equipment, a cyber-attack can often run through a door left open by someone in your own business or clients you trust.

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Many people find themselves

scurrying to fix a cyber attack…

You may not know or think you’re susceptible to an attack. Many people are preoccupied with the fast-paced speed in which the business world works. Often times, they don’t take a moment to consider their safety online.

You may have begun to realize this and are starting to feel overwhelmed. But you shouldn’t feel that way.

The Truth About Cyber Security

Small precautions go a long way in today's digital world

A little can go a long way in today's world of cyber security. If a business starts making plans to become safer today, then there will be much less of a chance later down the line. The truth is, the bigger you get, the more secure you'll have to be. But you should never let dangers like cyber-attacks and compromised data hinder your growth.

Ambit IT LLC

You will have complete confidence knowing your business information is secure and you are freed from the cumbersome technical decision making.

Your time is precious. We understand the need for quick action without overthinking things like data backups and device management.

We’ve worked with over 100 lawyers and managed thousands of documents securely and safely. Our retention policy allows us to archive all data indefinitely if needed.

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Our Simple Three Step Process Ensures Your Data is Secure



We meet and consult over your process and scope of work.


We gather all your data, software, and hardware for assessment. into our system for ultra-security and assurance.

Manage and Monitor

We manage and monitor your infrastructure with efficiency and ease.

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After our system is put in place, you will first feel relieve, then you will feel confident, then you will feel driven. You will be able to move at the speed you like without having to worry about information getting lost or stolen.

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