Is Your Business Email Susceptible to Malware?

By January 8, 2019 Cyber Security

Business owners express email as the primary threat avenue for cybercriminal activity.

Targeted email attacks are designed to bypass an organization’s security defenses. The goal is to locate and monetize stolen data and intellectual property.


  • Cybercriminals constantly develop improved variants of malware and social engineering attacks.
  • In February 2018, there was one phishing attempt in every 3,331 emails and one piece of malware for every 645 email.
  • 54 percent increase in mobile malware during 2017
  • Ransomware variants show a 74 percent increase during the 13 months ended February 2018

Exercising proper security measures can prevent an attack.

  • Security awareness training
  • Data backup processes
  • Internal control processes
  • Implementation of technologies in-depth
  • Establishment of adequate processes.

Improve your security defense by following these best practices.

  • Audit of the current security and compliance environment
  • Establishing detailed and thorough policies, implementing best practices for users to follow
  • Provide security awareness training that is commensurate with the risk associated with each role
  • Deploy alternatives to employee-managed tools and services.

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